COVID-19 Library Information

COVID-19 and Your Library

Is the library currently open?

As of July 13,  the library is open.  Appointments are no longer required, but we do ask that if there are several people in the building and the librarian asks you to wait outside or in your car for a few moments until someone leaves, please be understanding.  Some areas of our library can be congested, and we need to be sure we have plenty of room for patrons to move around and for airflow to help mitigate risk.

What are the limitations of Yellow Phase/Grab & Go?

Yellow Phase/ Grab & Go allows patrons to visit the library, but please limit your visit to 30 minutes.  Please get what you need and exit so we can help as many patrons as possible during the course of the day. Public access computers are only available BY APPOINTMENT and restrooms are not available.  Patrons are asked to use hand sanitizer and wear a face covering if they are able. Children must be accompanied by an adult.  Returned books will be quarantined for 2-3 days before being shelved.

*Library hours and services may change quickly if we were to have a spike in covid-19 cases in our community or among library staff.  If you are traveling in from out of town, please call ahead to make sure we're able to provide the services you're requesting!

Why is the library still under limited services?  Many other businesses are now fully open?

The library is not the same as a privately-owned business.  Library workers are not deemed essential by the City of Marcus, and the library must follow safety restrictions and recommendations other businesses may not need to.  Our building is small, we get a lot of patron traffic, books and computers are difficult to fully disinfect, and social distancing is difficult near the entryway and checkout desk.  Many of our patrons are high-risk and/or elderly.  We also have a very limited staff.  If our librarian gets sick, the library will not be open at all until she is cleared to return to work.  We've worked very hard to balance the safety of our patrons and staff with the services we want to be able to offer.  Every community and library are different, and libraries may be at different stages of reopening from community to community.

What about programming? 

For now, all of our in-person programs at the library have been cancelled or postponed.  We tentatively have some scheduled for autumn, but those are still up in the air pending what happens with the pandemic.  Summer Library Programming is still pending for this year.