Use a Computer

The library has public computers with Internet access. This describes what we have and how to use them.

There are four computers for public use which have internet access.  They are located at the south end of the adult non-fiction area.  In addition to internet connectivity, these computers have microsoft office XP software.  A fifth computer, with the primary purpose of access to the catalog of library materials, also has this software. 

Internet users should be library card holders in good standing.

Visitors to the community are welcome to use this service.

Students: In order to use the internet, students below the age of 18 or grade 5 and above need to have a permission slip on file signed by a parent or guardian.  Those grade 4 and below using the internet need to have a parent or responsible adult in the building with them.

There are two computers located in the children's section of the library which are not connected to the internet.  These computers do not have age restrictions. 

All persons using the library's internet connection are expected to comply with the Acceptable Use Guidelines posted by the public access computers.

A time limit of one hour internet usage per person may be enforced if there are more people in need of a computer than work stations available. 


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